Air show over Thessaloniki National Day parade makes Greeks proud (pics + vid)

A new message from the F16 captain that wowed last year’s parade. This year’s message: “United, strong and proud we will continue. Happy Anniversary Greece!”

Last year’s National Day parade for the occasion of October 28, 1940, was marked with an impressive air show of the military aviation. Once again F-16 Captain Sotiris Stralis managed to impress with his flying skills of the parade. So much so that President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said, “Dear Captain, your wings covered the country and our nation. Be proud of your mission. God be with you!”


The acrobatics impressed people. Last year, he wrote the phrase “Happy Anniversary Thessaloniki. Happy Anniversary Macedonia. Happy Anniversary Greece. Greeks we are here for you. Greeks hold your heads up high”. The air written phrase became the slogan of the day.