Amazing new findings in Amphipolis: Two caryatids adorned the tomb

The beautiful ladies would kindly “block” entrance to the tomb

Two caryatids were discovered in Amphipolis, as officially announced by the Ministry of Culture with the removal of sandy soil in the area in front of the second septal wall. There, beneath the marble architrave, between marble pilasters, two exceptional caryatids of Thassian marble were discovered.

The face of the Caryatid in the west survives almost intact, while the eastern is missing. The caryatids have rich curls that cover their shoulders, while they wear a sleeved tuned. The right hand of one and the left of the other were “blocking” entrance to those who would enter the tomb. There were also traces of blue and red colour found upon the marbles. Among the soil, fragments of sculptures were found, such as a palm portion and smaller finger fragments. All this suggests thaht this is a standing monument of particular importance.

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