Amazing UFC fighter Nate Diaz pays fan’s rent who bet on him and lost

The fan clarified that he was not actually sleeping in his car

Plenty of fans were disappointed with the outcome of UFC 244, in which Nate Diaz was handed a loss to Jorge Masvidal after a doctor cut the fight short — but it’s likely that far fewer bet their rent money on the matchup having the opposite result.

One of the ill-advised souls who did so, however, got a surprise bailout from Diaz himself.

Instagram user unknownkillers213 commented on Diaz’s post from Monday saying that he had “lost his rent money betting on him,” and that he was “sleeping in his car.” Diaz promptly responded saying that he had unknownkillers213 covered.

The fan sent Diaz a screenshot of his bet, and Diaz responded asking for his PayPal account. The rest is history, though unknownkillers213 clarified that he was not actually living in his car.

source yahoo