Amazing video: Women freed from ISIS celebrate by removing their veils and smoking! (VIDEO)

This is what freedom must feel like!


While American feminists complain about Trump for reasons they’re not sure of, what do the women in the Middle East? They’re just content to remove actual symbols of female oppression: face veils. Watch as these women freed from ISIS tear off the veils and smoke!

This is a moment all feminists should be celebrating. It’s what liberation looks and probably feels like. Marching around wearing costumes meant to look like genitalia? Not real feminist liberation. Calling yourself a “nasty woman” while you talk about menstrual bleeding on your sheets, ala Ashely Judd? Not real feminist liberation.

In fact, many “feminists” residing in cushy first world countries like the United States, aren’t real feminists until they address the deplorable oppression facing Islamic women.