Ambassador Pyatt to Turkey: Avoid provocative actions

Pyatt attended the official transfer of US military helicopters to the Hellenic Armed Forces

The US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt sent a clear message to Turkey following its provocative stance in Cyprus, during the top diplomat’s presence at the official ceremony of the transfer of the “Kiowa” and “Chinook” helicopters to the Hellenic Armed Forces in Volos.
In response to a question regarding possible measures by the EU against Turkey’s aggressive actions in the region, Mr. Pyatt said:

“So I will say two things: first of all, the United States and the European Union share a perspective on developments in the waters off of Cyprus, and in particular, our shared interest in avoiding any further provocative actions by Turkey. I spoke clearly to these issues last week in my public comments in Washington D.C., and the State Department spokesperson over the weekend reaffirmed the strong American view that now is a time for dialogue and not for further escalatory, provocative actions”