Anarchists throw petrol bombs against police in Athens

Greek police on high alert in wake of November 17 anniversary

A group of unidentified men attacked an anti-riot police unit (SWAT) in the area of the Athens Polytechnic School at 5am in the morning,
The culprits threw Molotov bombs against police officers on guard at the junction of Tositsa and Patission streets. So far no one has been taken into custody over the attacks. Greek Police are on high alert in the wake of the anniversary of November 17 on Friday. A music festival called “Revolt” recently took place on the premises of the Athens Polytechnic School with the participation of around 100 anarchists, half of whom were foreigners.
Kathimerini reports that 30 were anarchists from Central and Western European countries, while 15 were Albanians living in Athens.