Ancient 2,137-year-old “iPhone” found in Siberia!

It dates back to the ancient Xiongnu empire

An extraordinary 2,137-year-old “iPhone” has been dug from the grave of a young woman at a mysterious burial site dubbed the “Russian Atlantis”.

The tomb of the ancient fashionista – nicknamed Natasha by archaeologists – was found after a vast man-made reservoir in Siberia was drained over the summer.

It dates back to the ancient Xiongnu empire – a huge nation of nomads that ruled the area from the 3rd century BC to the late 1st century AD

In fact, what looks strikingly like a smart phone is actually made of black gemstone jet rock – with inlays of semi-precious stones.

And rather than being a pre-historic piece of tech – the block was actually used as an ornate belt buckle.

Archaeologist Dr Pavel Leus said: “Natasha’s’ burial with a Hunnu-era (Xiongnu) ‘iPhone’ remains one of the most interesting at this site.”

The intricate inlays are made of turquoise, carnelian, and mother-of-pearl – as well as a form of ancient Chinese coin.


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