Ancient alien-like heads discovered in Croatia! (photo)

Two have artificially elongated skulls

Archaeologists digging in Croatia have unearthed three ancient alien-like skeletons and two have artificially elongated skulls. Since 12,000-years-ago in ancient China, all over the ancient world, from Eurasia and across Africa to South America, people deliberately deformed the shapes of their children’s skulls.

Most archaeologists associate this with an effort to identify one’s cultural origins and/or to indicate social status. Using tightly tied leather and cloths, earth-filled bag-headdresses, or rigid wooden blocks, skulls could be altered into bizarre shapes if the method was applied to malleable infant’s skulls when they still had plasticity.

In a new paper published in the journal PLOS ONE , senior author Mario Novak, a bioarchaeologist at the Institute for Anthropological Research in Zagreb, Croatia, said that “the three skeletons were found in a burial pit” in Croatia’s Hermanov vinograd archeological site in 2013. Then, between 2014 and 2017 DNA analysis and radiographic imaging was performed to view the insides of the elongated skulls.

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