ANEL MP on THEMA radio: We will vote against MP Tsipras in no confidence motion

The Greek coalition government is on the brink of collapse

NEL PM Kostas Katsikis dropped a “bombshell” during an interview on THEMA 104.6 radio, revealing the coalition government’s junior partner would vote against PM Alexis Tsipras if, as the PM said in last night’s interview on TV, he called a vote of no-confidence.

“Of course, we will vote against him, when a vote of confidence is called for on the Prespes Agreement, with which we disagree, it would be unreasonable not to do so,” said Mr Katsikis.
He also repeated that “Kammenos has repeatedly stressed that we will withdraw our confidence from the government and that the small government partner will not exist.”
Mr. Katsikis further claimed that only PM Papachristopoulos did not two the party line on the issue. adding that all the other party members would fall in line with leader Panos Kammenos.