ARIS FC: Julian Cuesta received Messi’s beer with the number 398

Lionel Messi reached 644 goals with one team, breaking Pele’s record, and sent a beer to the 160 goalkeepers he beat

Lionel Messi broke Pele’s record, when he scored a goal against Valladolid reaching 644 goals with one team, Barcelona.

To celebrate the event, the Argentinean sent a beer to each of the 160 goalkeepers he beat to reach his record.

Julian Cuesta also received his beer in Thessaloniki, with the goalkeeper of Greek team of ARIS FC mentioning on his personal Instagram account: “Congratulations on your record Leo Messi. 644 goals with Barcelona. Thank you for your gift, I will drink to your health “.

Commenting on the receipt of the beer by Cuesta, ARIS FC also commented through its official Instagram account, stating: “Julian Cuesta and 159 other goalkeepers played a role in the record of Lionel Messi, who reached 644 goals with one team’s jersey, breaking Pele’s record. Everyone was offered a ‘Budweiser’ beer and Julian received his own beer today with the number 398. It was Messi’s 398th goal, which was when he was playing in Almeria”.

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