Athens is one of the worst cities in the world to drive, global study finds

The Greek capital ranked 90th from 100 cities

Athens was ranked as one of the worst cities in the world to drive, according to data collected by European automotive group, Mister Auto, which ranked 100 cities worldwide to determine the best and worst places to drive.

Cities were judged on their performance in three main categories: infrastructure, safety and costs.

The categories were broken down into 15 criteria including cars per capita, city-speed sample score, road rage, fatality rates and the cost of parking, petrol and road tax.

According to the data, published by Greek newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, the Greek capital occupied the 90th spot among 100 cities worldwide receiving an average score of 66.30 points, only managing to beat Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Karachi, Lagos, Calcutta, Ulan Butor, and Mumbai.

The city of Calgary in Canada took top honours with a perfect score of 100, while Dubai, Ottawa, Bern, and El Paso closed off the top 5.

As the site explains it determined a city’s infrastructure, by examining factors such as the number of cars per capita, traffic congestion, road, and public transport quality, among others. It also researched the air quality levels in order to determine the city’s commitment to providing fresh air and good visibility for its drivers and citizens alike.

The safety of each location was also analysed by the car accident fatality rate as well as conducting a poll focusing on incidents of road rage, in order to paint a picture of the aggressiveness and general driving culture brought to the city by motorists.