Athens the most stressful city in EU, study shows

The 3rd most stressful in the whole of Europe

Athens is ranked the most stressful (121th) city in among the EU and the 3rd most stressful in the European continent, according to a survey by Zipjet. The study was based on factors such as: Density, Green Spaces, Public Transport, Traffic, Perception of Security, Sunshine Hours (av./year), Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Light Pollution, Unemployment, Debt per Capita, Social Security, Family Purchase Power, Mental Health, Physical Health and Gender Equality.
The study included 150 cities from around the world, for which official data on these specific factors is available. The city appearing at the top of the list is the least stressful while the bottom city is the most stressful for its inhabitants. According to the data, the only European cities that ranked higher than Athens in the stress factor were Moscow (124) and Constantinople (122), with Baghdad taking last (150) spot. Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Hannover, Bern, Munich, Bordeaux, Edinburgh and Sydney made the top 8 less stressful cities. Of the cities in close geographical proximity to Greece, Bucharest is ranked 111th, with Sofia 99th and Belgrade 93rd.
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