Autistic teen scores over 17,000 in university entry exams!

An example of hard work and hope to raise awareness

Drosos Kondylis a student from Pyrgos in the Peloponnese managed what many believed impossible. The young teen achieved a score of 17,090 in his university entry exams and is able to choose between the best universities in Greece. What is exceptional about his feat is the fact that Drosos suffers from autism, thus making it extremely difficult to focus as easily as his peers on the simplest of things, let alone studying for entry exams. After his success, he said he felt great. The life of someone that has been diagnosed as being on the spectrum of autism is very challenging. In the most sever cases they have a complete detachment from their social environment and physical surroundings and retreat into themselves totally detached from the rest of the world. Those with milder cases, who are placed on the fringes of the spectrum, can function better, but still have focus issues. The only thing one can say for the this teen and his family is well done.