Autistic teenager teaches bullies a lesson (vid)

Brave autistic teen educates bullies

In a heart-warming story, Gavin Joseph, a teenager suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, has given a gang of bullies a lesson in what it is like to be in his shoes

The gang of tormentors tricked Gavin into joining their circle and pretended to be his friend, but then started physically abusing him resulting in serious injuries. The teenager was left with a broken nose, a concussion and multiple bruises after the attack.

Gavin invited his bullies and their families to watch a 20-min video that he made of what is like to be in the spectrum of autism. He also asked them to write an essay on Assperger’s.

His story went viral on social media when his mother, Cortnie Stone, shared his ordeal on Facebook.  “I am so proud of him”, she said.

The brave teenager did not press charges against his attackers.