Balkan Fest to take place in Thessaloniki for 8th year in a row

Goal to bring people of the Balkans together

The Balkan Fest will take place for the 8th years in a row in the city of Thessaloniki on February 16 and 17. The cultural event will offer visitors the chance to learn more about the music, the art and food of the countries making up the Balkan area. The “Balkan Festival of Exploration” aims to celebrate culture and promote solidarity by presenting diversity and common themes between the peoples in southeastern Europe. It is organised by three cultural organisations, NGO “Pedia en Drasi”, the magazine “Eksostis” and the multi-event sports and cultural facility “WE”.

For tickets and more information visit:

Address: G. Septembrviou & Gr. Lambrakis street Thessaloniki
ph: 2310284700

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