Barcelona – Olympiakos: Mission impossible tonight at 21:45′ (VIDEO) (Upd)

The Greek team must do its best against all odds…

Shortly before the departure of Olympiakos for Barcelona, Takis Lemonis stated that “we are looking forward to this game because it is one of the games you enjoy playing”. However, only yesterday at the official press conference he had said that, “we want to prove that we did not come here just for the joy of the game”.

This is the first time that Olympiakos plays against Barcelona and given the bad start the Greek team had in the first two games, this one can might as well be considered lost already.


However, do not under estimate the “underdog”, as football has given us quite many surprises from time to time. Not oftenly, but it has…

The game starts at 21:45′ (Greek time).

Meanwhile, Olympiakos fans that will be in the stadium are already making their presence noticed…


UPDATE: Before the game there is a heavy rainfall that may cause problems to the players.