Belgium resident sings Nikos Vertis song from his balcony – Video goes viral

The neighbours started appearing on their balconies to enjoy his mini-concert

Amid the coronavirus lockdown across the globe, more and more people are finding novel ways to entertain themselves and vent their feelings of confinement.

A Brussels resident living in an apartment building started singing a Greek song by Nikos Vertis on his balcony to the delight of surrounding neighbours who came out to listen to him.

The “performer”, who is of Armenian descent and named Tigran Khanjaryan, lives in Belgium, and in recent days started putting on shows from his balcony providing his neighbours with some needed joy amid the quarantine due to of the coronavirus pandemic.

Khanjaryan loves Greek music and Nikos Vertis is his favourite artist, which is why he covered the song “If you are a star” by the Greek singer.

Dozens of residents from the adjoining and opposite apartment buildings came out on the balconies and their windows to enjoy his impromptu concert.

The video went viral, and he posted it on his personal Facebook page.


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