Man in Berlin stabbed in anti-Christian attack by Arab-speaking youth (warning: distressing video)

The video was shown to Arab translators who said the attackers were shouting “Your pig-God, we f *ck your pig-God!”

Arabic-speaking youths were caught on video assaulting and stabbing a homeless Berlin man is speculated in the German press to be an anti-Christian motivated attack.
The video shows two Arabic-speaking young men verbally harassing a homeless man at a Berlin u-bahn (metro) station with all three of the men coming from an Arabic background, according to police. It is suspected that the motive may have been related to the homeless 29-year-old being Christian, Berliner Zeitung reports.
After physically attacking the victim, one of the men then drew a knife and stabbed him several times, leaving him with severe injuries to the buttocks, thigh, and arm, according to investigators.

Berliner Zeitung claims to have played the shocking footage to two Arabic speakers who translated the attackers’ words as, “We f*ck your sister, we’ll finish you!” and then they went on to say, “Your pig-God, we f *ck your pig-God!”
The newspaper claims that the incident is not the first in which a migrant-background Christian has been physically attacked by Arabic-speaking young men for displaying Christian symbols in public in the German capital.