Bombshell audio with ex PM Tsipras’s close associate Pappas reveals ex-Justice Dep. Min. Papangelopoulos made huge kickbacks (audio-Greek)

The audio was submitted to the Parliamentary inquiry Committee by businessman Sabby Mionis has brought to light the bombshell dialogue between businessman Sabby Mionis with former Minister of State and close associate to ex PM Alexis Tsipras in the SYRIZA government, Nikos Pappas.

The revealing conversation in the audio file, which was submitted to the special Parliamentary inquiry committee, includes an excerpt in which Mr. Pappas directly states that the Deputy Minister of Justice in the SYRIZA administration, Dimitris Papangelopoulos, who is currently under investigation by the Parliament, has his own agenda of cases and is making huge kickbacks.

The then close associate of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras allegedly claims that the PM’s Office has no problem with similar activities of members of the government as long as they do not come into conflict “with the store’s (i.e government’s) agenda”! With the phrase “shop agenda”, Mr. Pappas is clearly referring to the priorities of the then Prime Minister’s Office.  In a statement, Mr. Pappas noted that the dialogues have been falsified and will appeal to Justice. At one point in the conversation, Mr. Pappas says that people make a lot of money from “outsourcing”.

In the bombshell dialogue the two men also talk about the current PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s wife, Mareva Grabowski, with Mr Mionis saying that Mr Pappas had asked him to get lawyer Stavros Papastavrou to “come out and talk” about Mrs. Grabowski.

The audio was submitted today to the Pre-Investigation Committee of the Parliament by the businessman Sabby Mionis from his conversation in 2016 with Nikos Pappas regarding Dimitris Papagelopoulos.