Boris Johnson called the French “turds” in BBC documentary

BBC eventually agreed not to broadcast the comment

Boris Johnson called the French “turds” over their behaviour during the Brexit negotiations, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Johnson made the remark while the BBC were making a fly-on-the-wall documentary about his time as Foreign Secretary.

The corporation eventually agreed not to broadcast the comment after the Foreign Office said it would harm Anglo-French relations.

A leaked BBC memo, dated 13 November, says “We negotiated the removal of one potentially awkward moment where the former foreign secretary calls the French ‘turds’ so as not to distract from the rest of the programme.”

However, the BBC did reject the Foreign Office’s demand that it removed another part of the documentary where Mr Johnson said France had “shafted” the UK.

A BBC spokesman said: “The programme set out to reflect the realities of life inside the Foreign Office, the production team made judgements about what was in the programme and they are satisfied that the programme achieves its ambitions and has the content they wanted.”