ANEL leader P. Kammenos: This is a coup!

Statement after the ANEL committee meeting

Within 24-hours from a deal being reached on Greece, doubts are being raised as to whether the reforms will be approved as they are with Radical Left Coalition members and junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) objecting to the measures.

ANEL Leader Panos Kammenos, Defense Minister and junior coalition member  said:  “It is without a doubt, obvious to everyone in Europe, that a coup took place in the heart of Europe. The prime minister (Alexis Tsipras) was blackmailed to agreeing on a document that was different to the one authorized by Parliament and unanimously adopted by the plenary,” he said, adding that the deal that Tsipras went to accept was not the one he came back with.

“We are committed on voting what we had agreed to at the political leaders’ council and only that,” he said, shunning on other measures being imposed as a violation of the agreement that had ben made.

“We will not allow this game to continue,” he said refering to the measures imposed by Brussels. “We will proceed with Alexis Tsipras and the people,” he said.

ANEL member Terence Quick, in collaboration with Alekos Flambouraris will take on fighting corruption at ministries. “We will shake them in legality,” he said.

Regarding a national unity government, he said that this is what those who are counting on austerity want.