Greek man with coronavirus symptoms admitted to hospital in Thessaloniki

The results to become available on Friday

The AHEPA University Hospital in Thessaloniki was on alert after a patient reportedly exhibiting symptoms of the deadly coronavirus was admitted on Thursday.

This is the first suspected case of a coronavirus examined in Thessaloniki.

According to hospital administrator Panagiotis Panteliadis, he is a 62-year-old Greek man with symptoms of the virus, which broke out in China’s Wuhan city and has claimed the lives of 170 people, all Chinese.

The patient is currently in quarantine at AHEPA, and a sample has already been taken, which was sent to the Pasteur Institute to determine if it is the deadly virus or a simple flu case.

The results will be announced by tomorrow, Friday.

The man had reportedly visited the city of Wuhan 20 days ago.

So far, 50 suspect cases have been examined in the past weeks with all of the results coming back negative.