Tripartite meeting of Greece, Germany and Turkey on Hagia Sophia in Berlin

The meeting took place at a diplomatic level a day after the decision

A tripartite meeting between Greece, Turkey and Germany took place in Berlin just 24 hours after the decision to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

The meeting took place last Sunday at the level of diplomatic advisers, at the initiative of the German side.

In particular, Erdogan’s representative, Ibrahim Kalin, the European Affairs Officer of the Maximos Palace, Eleni Sourani, and Jan Hecker from the German side participated.

Government sources confirmed that a meeting did indeed take place. The same sources told that the invitation of the German side to the Turkish diplomat was made in view of yesterday’s Foreign Affairs Council, a key issue on whose agenda was Turkey.

The results of yesterday’s Foreign Affairs Council confirm that the Greek positions are accepted and the Turkish side is called to de-escalate its provocative actions. “In any case, the channels of communication need to be left open, especially in times of crisis,” the same sources noted.