Brexit: Johnson fights to push deal with EU in Commons (watch debate live)

If the deal is rejected the PM will have to request a new extension on Article 50

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is presenting his case in favour of the Brexit deal he brought back from Brussels, in an effort to ensure the necessary votes (320) to pass agreement and move forward with Brexit.

The prime minister needs about 320 votes assuming no one of the 287 Conservative MPs abstains, to pass the new Brexit deal – and initial estimates suggest he has the support of 318.
Although Johnson might not have the numbers yet to push through the deal in the Commons, the opposition has been crumbling.

So far, no Brexiteer has declared they are going to vote against it, although there may yet be one or two, so the Tory tally is currently a clean sweep.

With a little over 10 days to go until the October 31 deadline, if the deal was rejected in parliament the PM would be forced to go back to Brussels and request a further extension to Article 50 until January 31.
Voting on the deal is expected to start sometime in the evening on Saturday.

watch the debate live courtesy of RT Facebook page