British tourist killed in hit and run accident in Halkidiki, Greece

Greek police have unleashed a manhunt to detect the culprit

Greek police have unleashed a manhunt to detect a suspect involved in a hit and run accident in Halkidiki in northern Greece which resulted in the death of a British tourist.
The incident occurred outside the Aegean Melathron Hotel in Kallithea, Halkidiki, police said.

The suspect was seen driving his vehicle at high speed when he hit a British couple, the victim, 55, and his wife who managed to survive the hit but suffered injuries and was taken to hospital.

Police are using both eyewitness accounts and CCTV camera footage to identify the vehicle’s license plate and the owner it belongs to.

The couple’s children had already crossed the road during the accident but are in a state of shock after witnessing their parents gets hit by the vehicle.

The ambulance arrived on the scene immediately and the two Britons were rushed the Cassandra Health Centre.

The family had come from England to Greece for a vacation.