British woman alleges she was raped in Cyprus (video)

She told the BBC police discouraged her from pursuing the case

A woman who says she was raped on holiday in Cyprus has told BBC News she was “discouraged” by Police Scotland from pursuing the case.

She said a Scottish man had spiked her drink at a beach party and then raped her in Ayia Napa two years ago.

But when she had told police back home, they had been “dismissive”, saying it would be hard to find the man and she had decided not to take further action.

The force said she had been interviewed by specially-trained officers.

Her story comes after a separate British woman was given a suspended sentence earlier this month for lying about being raped by a group of young men.

Sophie – not her real name – told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme she remembered “going in and out of consciousness” during the rape and had woken up on the beach.

“I was raped just outside the party but even the atmosphere inside was so sexualised,” she said.

“Men were touching my boobs.

“It was almost as if the men felt entitled to touch the women, young women.

“It’s just the culture there… and it’s so not right.