UPD – Turkish reseach vessel Oruc Reis reportedly sailing east out of Greek waters

Unclear if the ship has entered the area due to bad weather


According to the latest reports, the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis, which is being escorted by two Turkish frigates, has chartered a course eastward sailing out of the Greek continental shelf.

Meanwhile, the heads of the Hellenic Army General Staff have informed PM Kyriaskos Mitsdotakis about the latest developments.


The Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis has reportedly laid two 8km sea cables within the Greek continental shelf.

It is unclear whether the Turkish vessel is conducting seismic research or is sailing offshore due to the bad weather conditions.

According to the same information, the Oruc Reis appears to have collected its acoustic sensing devices, but Greece is also concerned by the fact that two Turkish frigates are continuing to escort the Turkish vessel, with the first being just 2 miles from the Oruc Reis and the second having approached Greek frigate “Nikiforos Fokas” which is discreetly monitoring the activity of the Turkish oceanographic vessel at a distance of about 40 kilometers.

The Greek frigate “Spetses” is also on alert if it is deemed necessary to assist. Frigate “Nikephoros Fokas” had earlier on Friday approached the Oruc Reis and is constantly transmitting radio signals to its crew every half an hour, instructing it to leave the area because it is the Greek continental shelf.