AEL president Kougias caught spitting at PAOK player El Kaddouri on camera! (video)

Player attempted to retaliate at end of match

The outgoing President of Greek Super League football club Larissa FC, Alexis Kougia was caught on camera spitting at PAOK player Omar El Kaddouri at the end of Saturday evening’s match at the AEL FC Arena. The match, which ended in a 1-1 draw, was in its final moments when the Moroccan player lost control of the ball next to the side line as the referee can be heard blowing the whistle for the end. El Kaddouri then charges towards Mr. Kougias who was at the AEL bench. The Moroccan player’s teammates and Larisa players get in his way to prevent him from reaching the AEL executive. The reason for his outrage is later revealed when NOVA TV shows footage of Mr. Kougia spitting at the PAOK player.