Cause of death of jewelry intruder not kicks to his head, coroners say (videos)

The video footage has left public opinion in shock

The causes of the tragic death of 33-year-old Zacharias Kostopoulos, who appeared in a video being kicked and stomped on the head by people after he tried to escape from a jewelry store he had broken into in downtown Athens, remain unknown.
The two coroners examining the case, Nikos Kalogrias, appointed by the Greek state, and T. Tsantilis appointed by the deceased’s family said the exact causes of his death were not clear, adding, however, it had not been a result of the kicks and blows to his head.
Meanwhile, the Greek police are collecting evidence, including CCTV footage from surrounding shops to determine what happened leading up to his death. More light is expected to be shed from histological and toxicological tests which are estimated to take some time.
Public opinion is still shocked by the footage released last week showing the incident on Gladstonos street in broad daylight.
The Athens police department awaits the results from the forensic examination of the knife found inside the jewelry shop to determined if it had fingerprints from the 33-year-old man. From the video evidence so far, the 33-year-old man can be seen being attacked while down among the glass shards from two men, one of which is the shop-owner, while another man can be seen later kicking him in the back after receiving first aid attention.
At that point the 33-year-old man grabs a piece of broken glass and accosts the ambulance paramedics and passersby before he tries to escape, eventually stumbling over chairs are tables as police use force to finally subdue him.