Celebrations of the Battle of Crete start in Melbourne, Australia (video)

75th anniversary of the Battle of Crete

Celebrations commemorating the 75th anniversary since Battle of Crete commenced in Melbourne, Australia on April 13. Cretan organisations of the Greek Diaspora in Australia led the procession of the groups marching before the shrine of remembrance in Melbourne to honour the Greek, Australian, New Zealand and British soldiers and the brave Cretan people, who fought against the Nazi invasion of the island in May 1941. Greece was represented by a member of the Military General Staff, lieutenant General Gatzogiannis and the Mayor of Chania Anastasios Vamvoukas. During the ceremony survivors of the Battle of Crete were decorated with medals. A moving moment of the celebrations was when two survivors of the battle, a Cretan and an Australian laid a wreath together at the shrine.

Report courtesy Alekos Markellos, Melbourne, Australia