Chaos in the Greek islands: 2000 illegal immigrants arrived in 15 days!

Will we live again the scenes of 2015?


A total of 1,877 illegal migrants and refugees came to the the northern Aegean islands during the first 15 days of October from the opposite Turkish coast.

The arrivals at the identification centers recorded the arrivals of 1,877 people (1,148 in Lesvos, 572 in Chios and 117 in Samos), and this morning it has been noted that 44 people arrived Lesbos and 157 people in Chios, which have not been recorded yet.

Only in the last five days, from Wednesday morning to Monday morning, there were 563 people in Lesvos, 269 Chios and 40 Samos.

According to the Ministry of Interior’s National Border Control, Immigration and Asylum Co-ordinating Center today 6807 people in Lesvos are waiting the results of their asylum case, 1.867 in Chios and 3.075 in Samos.

Finally, between October 1st and 13th, the Turkish Coast Guard announced that they have officially delt with 25 incidents involving refugees and illegal migrants moving to the Greek islands. During these incidents, 907 people were returned to the Turkish coast.