Child yells out “Boring!” during 78-year-old Nancy Pelosi’s Acceptance Speech!


The House of Representatives was temporarily transformed into daycare when a child interrupted Nancy Pelosi by yelling “Boring!” during her acceptance speech.

Some children and grandchildren of new members ‘dabbed’ in celebration while votes were cast for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while others bounced and ran around the room.

But one child, in particular, stole the show from Pelosi, shouting ‘Boring!’ during her acceptance speech, echoing the thoughts of a nation that prepares to watch the Democrat Party, a party that heralds itself as hip and young, be led in their resistance movement by an entrenched 78-year-old establishment politician.

There were 15 Democrats who voted against Pelosi, but to everyone’s surprise, the party’s favorite millennial socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was not among them.

In the end, a wild day in history for the House was defined by the actual children in attendance and not the younger generation of Democrats seeking to make a name.

Children steal the spotlight

Rep. Rashida Tlaib made history as one of the first two Muslim women in Congress on Thursday, but her kids captured the hearts of liberals everywhere when they broke down any semblance of decorum by performing a synchronized ‘dab’ as their mother cast a vote for Pelosi.

The media fawned over the display. The Daily Mail reported that “her two sons made history for carrying out the first known joint-dab on the House floor during a speaker’s election.”

No seriously, that’s how they presented it.

Others didn’t necessarily agree. This author received several messages about the proceedings noting how the House chamber had lost its professionalism as the children, while beloved, were making a mockery of the event being broadcast around the world.

“If the House wasn’t a joke before, it legit is a joke now,” one reader wrote. “What an embarrassment.”

Paul Ryan once famously put a halt to a child’s effort to ‘dab’ during a presumably serious moment when one Congressman’s son tried performing the move during an official swearing-in photo.

While Tlaib’s kids were dabbing, Rep. Eric Swalwell was turning heads bouncing his baby for an hour or so during the proceedings.

Then there was this moment – when one child spoke up to offer an honest assessment of Pelosi’s acceptance speech.

Kids stole the show, but millennial socialist Ocasio-Cortez fell in line

The kids may have stolen the show at the Democrat daycare, but the younger generation that was supposed to challenge the 78-year-old Pelosi fell in line.

Sure, fifteen Democrats voted against Pelosi for Speaker despite her call for a united vote throughout her party, but one prominent voice of the next generation who had vowed to fight for younger leadership stood compliantly by her side.

Ocasio-Cortez, who just weeks ago took part in a climate change protest in Pelosi’s very own office, cast her vote for the California Democrat.

Where once she gave a speech in front of other ultra-left, anti-Pelosi socialists holding up signs which read, “Step Up or Step Aside,” Ocasio-Cortez stood beside Pelosi instead.

Ocasio-Cortez, similar to the children running around aimlessly and randomly shouting at the Speaker, doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she grows up.

More of the same from the Democrat Party – at least two years of Pelosi badgering the President and hindering progress in America – is more than just ‘boring’ though, it’s frightening.

Source: thepoliticalinsider