Infant at Hagia Sophia hospital infected by sepsis and meningitis, not cholera strain

The strain is non-toxic, according to experts

UPD: The newborn at the Hagia Sophia children’s hospital is infected by sepsis and meningitis and not a non-toxic strain of cholera, according to the official announcement of the hospital.

Greek authorities are looking into a new case of cholera that has reportedly been detected at a National Health Services hospital. An enteropathogenic cholera strain was found at the children’s Hospital of “Hagia Sophia” in a 13-day infant which is being hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit. is in the position to know that a sample of the newlyborn’s stool was sent for further testing at th Microbiological Lab in the Public Health Centre. More tests are also expected from the “Alexandra” hospital, where the baby was born. Experts from Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (HCDCP) told that they estimate the strain is non-toxic. Only strains of the Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 type cause the serious disease we know as cholera and other epidemic diseases.