Climate change the 2nd most important problem for Greece, survey shows

Unemployment remained at the top of their priorities

Greeks considered climate change as the second most important issue the country would be facing within the next 20 years, according to a survey conducted by the market research company Qed for the Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture.

Unemployment and finding a job (45%) remained as the top concerns for Greeks, followed by climate change (31%), with environmental pollution (30%) following, economic crisis (26%), economic hardship (18%) followed by the wave of migrant refugees and crime (14%).

Climate change and environmental pollution are the top two concerns facing the globe in the immediate future, the respondents said.

In terms of addressing the climate change and environmental problems, the 1,356 polled citizens who responded to the survey last July are in favour of:

– recycling-composting (91%)
– sustainable energy as the sole source of energy for public buildings (90%)
– ban on disposable plastics (88%)
– bioclimatic architecture (86%)
– new tax policy based on environmental impact (72%), while tolls are lower in cities (52%).