Commissioner Moscovici: IMF presence reassurintg to EU countries

Commissioner expresses optimism on 2nd review during press briefing with Greek Finance Minister Tsakalotos

European Commissioner for Economic and Financial affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici said all sides desired to achieve a “win-win” situation, during a joint press conference with Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos. The two men met in Brussels to discuss the progress of the second review of the Greek bailout program and briefed reporters after their meeting. The Commissioner admitted that the presence of IMF in the Greek program was a reassuring factor for many EU states. Mr. Moscovici underlined that many aspects had been agreed upon, adding that some details remained to be dealt with before the second review was completed. “We believe the completion of the 2nd review is feasible as soon as possible”, he stressed. Mr. Tsakalotos pointed out that both agreed that Greece was on a path of economic recovery. The Commissioner expressed the certainty that the program would be successful, adding that the current Commission desired a strong Greece in an equally strong Commission. On his part, the Greek Finance Minister underlined that it was a constructive meeting, adding that sharing his optimism that the outstanding problems could be overcome with good will by all sides. On the issue of when the EU institutions would return to Athens to resume talks, Mr. Moscovici said that was not an important issue, repeating that a little more effort was necessary to close some pending matters.