Competition to redesign Acropolis entrance

In the future, a trip to the Acropolis won’t be as daunting for disabled visitors

In an effort to make the Acropolis more accessible for disabled people, the culture ministry is ready to announce an international architectural competition for proposals to solve the problem.

The goal of the competition is to restore iconic Greek architect Dimitris Pikionis’ original vision, in the 1950s,  which aimed to allow visitors to gain a panoramic view from all angles.

Unfortunately, overcrowding at the main entrance — on the hill’s west side — has created problems for contemporary visitors. Achitects are invited to redesign the area leading up to the Acropolis — from the Propylea –to ensure they are more user-friendly, particularly for people with mobility problems.

As part of this initiative, the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has already approved a change of location for the ancient site’s gift shop, while it plans to eliminate the Herod Atticus Odeon and the Dionysiou Areopagitou (Dionysus the Areopagite) pedestrian way entrances.

Plans are also underway to create a new facility at the site where the old Acropolis museum building remains on the hill’s SW corner — the only structure built in the modern era amid the temples that form the quintessence of classical antiquity.

The Acropolis is by far the most popular site in Greece and Athens’ landmark.