Covid-19 lockdown – Decisions on re-opening expected on Wednesday or Thursday

Proposals include the opening of education and retail under conditions

Greek authorities will be examining the path to take in their effort to contain the 3rd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic at Wednesday’s crucial meeting. The Greek government will weigh a proposal to initially open retail and education, as well as to lift restrictions on inter-municipal travel. The other proposal regarding the next phase involves the opening of the restaurant outdoors, which, based on the current epidemiological data, is estimated to be agreed upon for the last ten days of April.

Two different “schools” for the resumption of specific activities and the lifting of the lockdown from April 5 until Easter will be “clashing” to stop the third and “hardest” wave of the pandemic, with one proposing the continuation of the harsh lockdown and the other suggesting a gradual re-opening of some sectors.

The epidemiological picture of the country with the large number of cases and the strong pressures on the National Health System is keeping the competent state services on edge as to what path to follow to alleviate the pressures.

On the same day or at the latest on Thursday the government will announce its decisions on the opening of retail, junior and senior High Schools, and inter-municipal travel so that there is a period of at least three days for the preparation of the new “re-opening” in education and retail.

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