Covid-19 lockdown – Inter-municipal movements allowed from today & doubles masks for churches

SMS still obligatory to move

Inter-municipal movements will be permitted from today in Greece as a result of the acceleration of the vaccination process.

As announced yesterday evening during the press briefing, citizens are obligated to send SMS to 13033 until May 15, despite the fact that the restaurant opens on Monday, May 3.

The infectious disease specialists were cautious and did not give the “green light” to the government’s proposal to scrap the SMS in order for the market to function without interruption. Thus, citizens wishing to visit restaurants from Easter Monday should send “6” to 13033.

All restaurants and coffee shops are allowed to use outdoor spaces, only for seated patrons and under the conditions that currently apply, while music is not allowed in these establishments throughout the whole day. From Monday, code 6 will be used for moving to a restaurant and coffee shop.

From May 3 and for a week the curfew will start at 11 pm. Restaurants and cafes will close no later than 10.45 p.m.

Regarding Easter Sunday, Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said that only two families up to 9 people will be allowed to gather indoors, and up to 12 people outdoors. Movements will be done by sending the mandatory SMS with code 6, while it is recommended that those gathering should perform a home self-diagnostic test.

Regarding the measures that apply for the religious processions and gatherings during Holy Week and Easter, the ratio of 1 person per 25 square metres continues to apply with all the recommended sanitary measures inside the temples. Outside the churches, this ratio is set at one person per 10 square metres and always in compliance with the hygiene rules.

In addition, for all believers, it is mandatory to use a double mask, both indoors and outdoors. While for the priests, nuns, cantors, and other staff inside the church, a test is mandatory.

The procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday will take place only in the courtyard of the temples, without a procession of believers, while the pilgrimage of the Epitaph will take place outside the temple and in compliance with all prescribed measures.

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