Cyprus: Agriculture Minister announces massive tree-planting drive

The forestry department is accelerating the production of seedlings to plant 70.000 trees

Between November and next February more than 70,000 trees will be planted, the Cypriot Minister of Agriculture Costas Kadis announced after the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

“The government is leading the way in tackling climate change through tree planting, strengthening its own efforts and supporting all initiatives being developed recently”, he said.

“This is something we will discuss with stakeholders to help try to green Cyprus. The environment and volunteer commissioners are with us in this endeavour”.

According to the minister, the forestry department is accelerating the production of seedlings, many of which are given free of charge to organized groups and government services which will coordinate what will be planted and how the trees will be maintained.

Apart from the 70,000 seedlings which will be allocated during the winter hundreds of thousands of seedlings will be produced next year, Kadis explained.

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