Cyprus in shock as police search for multiple victims of army serial killer

An officer of the National Guard confessed to killing three, including a 6-year old girl

The Cypriot Police are investigating the murders of three people after a 35-year old officer of the National Guard admitted that he killed a 38-year old woman, her 6-year old daughter, and another woman.

The Police authorities found the body of the 38-year old mother, whose name was Mary Rose, inside a 125-meter long drain in the Mitsero area near Nicosia, a year after her disappearance.

What made this case stranger though, is that Police authorities found another dead woman’s body in the same location and they are afraid that deeper inside that drain, more corpses could be found.

Meanwhile, the Cypriot Chief of Police, Zacharia Chrysostomou said authorities were looking for more bodies than the ones already discovered, according to reports on state broadcaster RIK.

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