Cyprus: They are looking for…crocodiles in the dams in the occupied area!

A zoologist was instructed to investigate specific areas where there are complaints

A Turkish-Cypriot magazine reports in its electronic edition that there are crocodiles at the dam of the occupied village of Kioneli, near Nicosia!
The report refers to statements by zoologist Mert Besiktas about the instructions he has received from the “veterinary services” to investigate allegations of crocodiles in this dam.

According to the report, Mr. Besiktas reported that during the first investigations, there were no data indicating that crocodiles were in the dam, while Hussein Ataben’s veterinary director “refused to give instructions”.

Mr. Besiktas said the possibility of crocodiles is high, since many Turks buy crocodiles from the free areas at 200 euros and carry them illegally in the occupied areas until they grow up but the difficulties in the care of an adult crocodile lead their owners to leave them in hedges and rivers.

It has also been reported that illegal transport to the occupied exotic and other animals affects the ecosystem in the occupied areas while referring to the identification of raccoons and various species of fauna that do not thrive in Cyprus.