Democrats crumbling under Trump assault: Pelosi, Schumer allies begin to defect?

Some in the party to think twice about being part of the herd


If the Democrats thought blocking border wall funding with a partial government shutdown was the right hill to die on, they were sadly mistaken. Their lies about border walls have been exposed, and thus so have they.

This had led some in the party to think twice about being part of the herd.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who declared the border wall “immoral,” and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer try to keep the Democrats in line, cracks are starting to show.

The Washington Free Beacon compiled numerous examples of Democrats speaking out in favor of a border wall.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York said, “There are areas along the border where there are currently fences that are put up or barriers that are put up that need to be enhanced.”

Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark echoed that sentiment, saying, “I think there are parts of the border that would benefit from repairing fencing and other barricades that already exist there.”

Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland took it a step further, saying, “Certainly you need barriers and we support barriers.”

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