Die Zeit: 700 e-mails show Russia’s anti-EU influence in Greece; including P. Kammenos

Read the list of powerful Greek names that the newspaper believes shows a strong connection between Greek-Russian elites

German newspaper Die Zeit has cast the focus on a series of hacked confidential e-mail conversations between Russians and anti-European politicians of EU countries. New Defence Minister Panos Kammenos is included in the list of names with which the Russians corresponded with. The final Greek list includes a total of 90 names. “The choice names on the list show how closely connected the business and political elites of Greece and Russia are – and how these ties reach all the way to the new Greek government,” says the article, referring to the hacked list of a former employee at the Russian Embassy in Athens that includes more than 700 e-mails.

“Powerful Russians want to drive a wedge into the EU and are fighting for Moscow’s dominance,” says the article. “Confidential emails reveal how they are influencing the Greek government.”

The article spotlights the role played by Moscow-based businessman Konstantin Malofeyev, who is no longer allowed to travel to Europe,  with some people in Brussels convinced that he is providing financial assistance to pro-Russian militants in the east Ukraine.

CLICK HERE for the PDF with the list of Greek names believed to be influenced by Russia.