Does size matter? Yes and no, says survey

Emotional factors more important for most women

The eternal question of whether size matters in sex will never cease to stop capturing our interest. A survey was performed in the US by the UCLA and the University of New Mexico involving 75 women. The subjects were given varying sized 3D-printed penis models and were asked to decide which one suits them best. The study used 3D models to aid the women trigger their memories and feelings towards male genital size. The concept behind choosing these models was that size has an abstract meaning and thus these models would allow women to think from personal experience. The results showed that women preferred larger sizes in the short term, like one night stands. They saw it as if they were ‘winning a trophy’. Surprisingly the smaller sizes were preferred for longer term relationships (16cm on average). Some scientists believe this is explained by the desire of women to create a stronger sustainable emotional bond rather than one based on sexual stimulations. In long relationships women are more concerned with trust. A general observation is that most women liked girth over size. Most women that took part in the survey said they related larger penises with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Overall it could be said that emotional factors and psychological intimacy mattered more than size.