Ship with possible Ebola carrier, docked in Piraeus

The patient is on board

An alarm has sounded in health and port authorities due to information that a merchant ship, “Magda P.”, at Piraeus port, has a seaman who has shown Ebola virus symptoms.

The merchant ship comes from Guinea and is headed to Ukraine.

The captain of the merchant ship told Greek authorities that a member of his crew has been feverish and experiencing blood in his urine for four days.

A team of doctors will board the vessel in order to examine the patient, now that it has docked in the port.

Sources state that according to information given to them by the captain, the patient is unlikely to be suffering from Ebola. However, the Filipino man will be examined by doctors, and it will be decided on whether he will be transferred to Amalia Fleming Hospital, according to the national plan for combating a potential Ebola outbreak.

On the ship, according to the captain, is another member who has been injured and is in need of medical attention.

The man, following the health advisory has not come into contact with anyone beyond the ship when it had docked in Guinea, one of the countries most hurt by the virus. The Hellenic Center for Disease Control (KEELPNO) has issued a statement saying that the symptoms do not seem to be due to Ebola. However, they say that doctors will board the vessel in order too carry out the necessary tests.


“Magda P.” has 24 people on board, 14 of which are Filipino and 10 of which are Greek.