Economy Minister Papadimitriou resigned: Are we close to a government reshuffle

The problems for the government have accumulated


The Economy Minister Dimitris Papadimitriou submitted his resignation late last night a few hours after his wife, Rania Antonopoulou, was dismissed from the government.

According to information, it is highly likely that a government’s reshuffle will be speeded up.

The changes in the government were among the plans of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and were originally scheduled for mid-February at the end of the third evaluation.

Developments in national affairs and the case with the Novartis investigation changed this timetable, putting the reshuffle on for later, perhaps even in the summer, if not after that.

However, the unexpected development with Mrs Antonopoulou’s case brought back this scenario, since the problems for the government have accumulated.

Already the government has two vacant positions, since, apart from Mrs. Antonopoulou, Kostas Zouraris, who held the post of Deputy Minister of Education, left about a month ago.