Eleni Foureira finds out she is Greek in DNA test! (video)

The singer found out she was nearly 70% Greek, according to MyHeritage DNA company

Eleni Foureira was one of the people who attracted the spotlight at this year’s Eurovision. The singer made left her mark on this year’s show, as her performance rocked. Last Saturday night she took part in a DNA test through a Eurovision 2019 sponsor in Tel Aviv, My Heritage, a DNA testing company.

Like most contestants, Eleni Foureira, learned details of her ethnic and racial origins. When Eleni was informed about her result, which revealed she had 68.9% Greek and South Italian DNA she was shocked. “68.9% Greek and South Italian,” she said in awe.

“Really? Italian? I had no idea! Wait! I am almost 70% Greek? I’m going to cry! I am not Greek, I grew up in Greece. But I feel Greek because I have the same mentality. From South Italy? What about that?”, Eleni Foureira said, adding that she expected her share of the Balkans (except for Greece) to be around 50%, which proved to be only 29.8%.