Elisabeth Rioux shows us her amazing glutes (photos)

She some has of the most photographed glutes in the world on social media

One of the perks of being part of the demanding world of fashion is the chance to travel. However, many models don’t get the chance to enjoy their travels as their schedules are extremely tight. That is why sexy Elisabeth Rioux decided to go all around the world with the help of her Instagram followers.

Apart from being a successful model, Elisabeth is also an entrepreneur as she is the owner of Hoaka women’s swimwear and Bamboo underwear.

Since childhood, she had always wanted to make a trip around the world but never managed to despite her glamorous profession. But with the support of her plenty of Instagram fans, she did it. The hot babe made a stop in Santorini Greece and graced our neck of the woods with her incredibly beautiful buttocks. She arguably has a pair of the most photographed glutes on social media. Can you see why…