Enter the bizarre scary restaurant and Vampire Cafe in Tokyo (photos)

Tokyo never ceases to surprise

The LockUp Restaurant
Haunted houses aren’t usually known for their delicious cuisine, but here is a place where you can enjoy some great food while getting frightened half to death. With scarily-named cocktails such as “Life Imprisonment” and “Formalin-Pickled Fruits,” you’ll be startled at the combination of the grotesque and great flavours. Why not come along, get locked up and have your first (and last!) delicious meal in a cage!

Vampire Cafe
Would you ever want to get your blood sucked up by a vampire? Well, as horrible as having your skin punctured and your blood sucked out may be, you’re sure to be amazed by this fancy design. The interior of this restaurant is mysterious with a rouge red and pitch-black theme, creating an exciting yet relaxing atmosphere.