EP lifts far right politician Marine Le Pen’s immunity

Case involves her tweeting violent photos of ISIS

The European Parliament has revoked French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s immunity for tweeting pictures of violence by Isis.
Ms Le Pen  – a member of the EU Parliament – is under investigation in France for posting three images of executions by Isis in 2015, including graphic images of the death of American journalist James Foley.
On Tuesday, members of the EU’s legal affairs committee voted to lift her immunity, but the group’s decision needed to be backed by the whole parliament in a second vote. Lifting her immunity means prosecutors can pursue her for the offence of “publishing violent images”, which can carry a penalty of three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.
The lifting of her immunity relates to this case only and any action is unlikely to take place before the first round of voting in the French elections on 23 April.

source: independent.co.uk